Well here we are in 2016, a new year starts at Wanslea and everywhere else. But most of all a new year starts for all of you, our guests, now, in the past and in the future. So here’s wishing you all the very best this year. I think we’ll all have to think about future weather, but there’s no harm hoping for a good spring and summer!

  • Had the shock of my life just before Christmas. Michael, one of my two sons, turned up on the doorstep. He’s been in Australia for the last three and a half years, and arrived with no warning! After standing there totally dumb struck I did my best to hug him to death! For those of you that know my children he’s the one with the beard and long hair. He’s just flown out this morning, threatening to come back next year for his thirtieth birthday.
  • With all this rain I’ve had a few people phoning up about walking on the fells. It’s okay up there, just stick to the paths and you’ll be fine. There is a lot of very boggy ground off the main routs so stay away from them or you’ll be up to your knees in the black stuff! Not particularly dangerous but very wet and of course very smelly!
  • You’ve probably heard but if your coming to stay in the South Lakes don’t forget the A591 road to Keswick north of Grasmere has been washed away and it’s a long way round. Very pretty though along by Ullswater. And if you do go along by Ullswater do stop off for a tea or coffee in one of the cafes. They have had a bad time during the floods and I know they would appreciate visitors.
  • Talking about visitors I’d like to say a big thank you  to all who stayed with us over the new year. We much appreciate you coming during some not too inviting weather! And many thanks to those who gave us such lovely write-ups on Trip Advisor. I like to send a thank you by email, but I can’t always decipher who wrote the reviews when aliases are used!