Well here we are going forth into un-charted territory, never been able to edit my own website. Probably find out rather quickly if that’s a good thing or not! The titles not very exciting, First Post, but I’m still rather new to all this. Anyway, it’s better than the Last Post! People who know will be laughing at the fact that I am being dragged screaming and kicking into a new technical era.

I seem to have got Google + off to a reasonable start so here I am keeping you up to date (hopefully) on our new website. As people who follow my Google + page will know the new web site work was carried out by Roger Dix of Commendium. I thanked him before on Google +, but no harm in doing it again on the new website, thanks Roger for all the hard work, you’ve been very patient with me.

Switching on the Christmas Lights

It was a great show put on by the parish council at the weekend, the switching on of the Christmas lights and great fireworks display after. A lot of hard work (and money) from a lot of people!

For once the weather played it’s part in the proceedings. It’s usually raining for the event having been sunny before when no one is here, then sunny when everyone has gone home. This time the bad weather proceeded and succeeded the event with sunshine for the Saturday and Sunday! Good organisation from somewhere!

Alec-hard-at-workRenovations underway

Work is well underway with the new single rooms. Good news for those staying on their own, not having to pay for a double room! Not sure of the prices yet, probably around £50 high season, but you get a full en-suite room with TV of course and we have put 900 millimetre showers in, plenty of room, could have a dance in them!

Got two Guys on the job, Alec you will know if you’ve been following our Google + page he’s on all the heavy duty stuff, bricks and old walls flying everywhere! He’s been joined by his mate Pete, he’s the artistic one does all the painting.