Bookings coming in Fast. Yes that’s true. This is the time of year that bookings start to come in for the summer, but they are coming in faster than usual. If you are thinking of coming to the Lakes do look around now! Guest Houses and hotels are receiving more enquires and early bookings than ever before.

. On the news front, the A591 is still washed away just north of Dunmail Raise. The authorities  hope to have it open by May. Until then it’s still a trip round by Ullswater to get to Keswick. On a recent trip to Grasmere one of our guests told us that heavy earth moving equipment was going up the raise, so they’re not hanging about. Just glad I’m not one of the men working on the project, it’s cold up there and sheeting it down at times. I’ll do a sun dance for them!

. Talking of Grasmere and the surrounding area do drop in for a coffee at one of the cafes or if you wanted to stay in Grasmere give them a call. For some reason many people think that Grasmere is cut off. This is not the case. On the TV news a manager of one of the hotels said it was that quiet he was closing for a few weeks! Who would have thought a little bit of missing road could have such an impact on businesses, not so funny when it’s your livelihood.

.Had a nice few hours down at the motor museum the other day. Not been for a couple of years or so, forgot how enjoyable it is. Also Café Ambio next door. Have a look at the museum on line you can find it at If you’re a bike fan take a look at the Black Shadows, truly scrumptious.

.Do call direct if you wanted to stay with us, you can get me on 015394 33884. Even if you only wanted a weather up-date, happy to help.