Ambleside has been hit just like the rest of the county, but we are lucky at Wanslea being on higher ground we got away with it. The lower parts of the town have been badly hit. Waterhead has been under water with the three hotels there being particularly ‘under the cosh’. Two of our guests went for a walk that way and told me that the Wateredge had the lake near the top of the front door.

It’s a severe lesson that water gives scant respect to anyone or any property. Alec, the guy that has been doing work for us here at Wanslea, has been running around like crazy helping people were he can. He’s a general builder and being the good Samaritan he is he goes anywhere he is called and needed. The other night when things were at their worst he didn’t get to bed, just worked straight through plus the next day! Great work Alec your the best! A quick thought about Alec’s own problems too. He has sheep in the bottom field by the rugby club and lost two of his flock before he could get them to higher ground. While we’re thinking of others the towns north and south of us will be not sorry if they never hear the name Desmond again. Carlisle like many other towns and villages has many families unable to return to their homes and a man tragically lost his life in Kendal when he fell into the river. The road past Dunmail raise just north of Grasmere has been swept away, leaving a very long way round if you want to go to Keswick.

At Wanslea we have been lucky with just one cancellation, but I know other guest houses and hotels have really suffered, so if you are booked in at any establishment, please go, don’t let Desmond win. I am certain all of the proprietors will be pleased to see you and give you a very warm welcome.