Snowdrops in Ambleside, always nice to see the first of the new years flowers. Gives you a warm feeling, the leaves and other flowers can’t be far away. Gives me a lift, as if the little white flowers are saying, ‘It’s okay, it’s all going to happen again’. It seems that this winter, although not cold, has been particularly horrible! Of course think of the Lakes in spring and you think of Daffodils, they are a few weeks off in general, but there is one brave little plant just under our fire escape that’s having a go at blooming.

On the Lake

The Steamers are on the move after re-painting and varnishing. Always look smart coming down the lake towards Ambleside. They have been around for quite a while The Tern is the oldest 1891 she was launched, while the youngster of the group is the Swan she’s only been around since 1938. You can find the Windermere Steamers at I used to race on the lake for many years, but I never tire of a steamer trip, you’d think I’d know the lake backwards but there is always something new, even if it’s just the changing light.

A Walk through the Woods

For those that have stayed with us before you’ll know that a nice walk starts more or less from our back door. Took the dog up through Skelghyll woods the other afternoon, one of the few sunny days. Just as we were reaching Jenkins Crag a deer walked out and across the path as bold as you please. She was all very relaxed until she saw us then she was off like Usain Bolt! Mind you she was that quick Mr Bolt would have had a hard job keeping up!

Don’t forget to call direct on 015394 33884 if you’d like to stay. We’ll see if we can rattle up a bit of decent weather!